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During a period of change, your diet and lifestyle play a big part in your overall wellbeing. Menopace® is an advanced range of supplements, designed by Vitabiotics experts to provide you with effective daily nutritional support. Menopace® has been used and trusted by thousands of women all over the world for more than 25 years.

Menopace® Original tablets
Menopace® Original is an effective formulation of 22 nutrients including moderate dietary levels of Soya Isoflavones, plus vitamin B6 which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity and iodine which contributes to normal production of thyroid hormones and thyroid function.
To help maintain normal bones, Menopace® Original provides magnesium, zinc and vitamin D. Vitamin D also supports the normal absorption and utilisation of calcium from the diet.

Menopace® Plus tablets
Menopace Plus combines the benefits of Menopace® Original plus an Active Botanical tablet providing extra Soya Isoflavones, sage and green tea. Green tea contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Menopace® Night tablets
Menopace® Night has been formulated to provide multivitamin support be taken before sleeping, with Chamomile, Hops and Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP).

Menopace® Calcium tablets
Menopace® Calcium has been formulated to provide advanced bone support for women during the menopause. The dual pack combines the Menopace® Original formula with 700mg calcium and additional vitamin D to help maintain normal bones.

Red Clover capsules - may be taken alongside any other product in the Menopace® range.
Red Clover capsules from Menopace® are designed to be taken alongside any other product in the Menopace® range* and provide 40mg of Menoflavon Red Clover Isoflavones plus Green Tea extract. Red Clover is one of the richest sources of Isoflavones, providing the Isoflavones Biochanin-A, Formononetin, and Genistein.

Menopace® Max tablets and capsules
Menopace® Max provides the maximum support in the Menopace® range, providing the Menopace® Calcium tablets and Red Clover capsules in a convenient dual pack.

*A beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of at least 1200mg calcium from all sources. In women aged 50 years and older.
Red Clover is not required in addition to Menopace® Max which already includes Red Clover capsules.

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All supplements in the Menopace® range are free from drugs and hormones and are suitable for vegetarians. For more information about Menopace® and other multivitamins in the Vitabiotics range, please visit

Menopace® is available from Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy, supermarkets, chemists, health stores and online at

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Page last updated: 16 February 2015